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WHAT IS VECTOR LITE?                   I       I

                               J                          J
 Design, customise and build your very own unique exhibition stand   J  J

 using Vector Lite - an aluminium frame-system that is able to support
 almost any type of media using one cleverly-designed channel.
         B                                                                     B
 Assembly is quick and easy. Simply connect the mitred   Larger frames are supplied with a support brace that fits
 frame lengths together using a corner cleat. The corner cleat   between the two vertical frame sides, this ensures the frame   I  I  Stand SS1
 is secured in place by tightening grub screws with an Allen   remains strong and sturdy.
 key (supplied). Frames are available in various widths in both   Complete your exhibition stand with graphics printed onto   Code  Qty. Description and size (mm)
 straight and curved formats, allowing you to create endless   a wide choice of materials including foam-board, PVC or textile   VLP-01  6  Post Moulding
 configurations (see pages 10–21).
 fabric. The foam-board and PVC can be attached onto the                   B   VLF-H10-00  2  Frame 2000 x 200
 Frames can be stacked on top of each other to reach heights   frame using magnetic tape or hook and loop fastener   J  VLF-H5-00  4  Frame 2000 x 1450
 up to a maximum of 2000mm (depending on configuration).   and the textile graphic uses silicone edge gasket (SEG).   I  VLF-H4-00  4  Frame 2500 x 950
 Frames can also be effortlessly joined side-by-side due to a   Frames can have front and back graphics attached if required.  VLP-1000  8  Frame Post 1000
 Joining Hook that allows panels to simply slide together.
                                                                               VLP-1500    4  Frame Post 1500
                                                                               VLF-03      28  Joining Hook

                                                                               40mm aluminium profile

                                                                               Post Moulding

 Push and lock                                                Frame Post
 system to build
 Corner  Supports a range
 Cleats  of media types
 (see page 5)

 Straight Joiners
 with grub screws
 Range of standard
 panel sizes

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