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            Push all of the frame     If you are joining frames   To join frames side-by-side,   If you are just creating        If you are adding a corner          Attach your frame to                        When stacking  two frames,
          Corner Cleats together     together to make a larger   simply attach a Joining Hook   a wall with no corners,         to your stand you will need       the post, using Joining Hooks.                   slide in the Joining Brace,
         and tighten using Allen keys.  frame, then push the Straight   into the grooved frame-edge   you will need to add feet   a Frame Post. Slot the posts                                                    then tighten the grub screw
                                     Joiners together and lock   and slot the frames together.   in order to stabilise           together until you achieve                                                       with an Allen key (supplied).
                                    into place using grub screws.  These can be secured in       the display.                       your ideal height                                                              Align the top frame to fit
                                                                 place using grub screws.                                          (no tools required).                                                              the bottom frame.

                                                                                                                               * Stacking option is only available for 1000mm frames. Stack no more than two frames in total. Recommended maximum build-height is 2.5m, depending on configuration.

        VECTOR LITE COMPONENTS                                                                                                 MEDIA

                                                                                                                               Pick your media

                                                                                                                               Choose from a range of media
                                                                                                                               types with different fitting options   Display Polyester  Foam PVC  Pop-up PVC  Mag Tape  Steel Tape  Hook & Loop
                                                                                                                               to achieve the final look.   Fabric       Rigid        Rollable

        VLF-01            VLF-02           VLF-03            VLF-04           VLF-05            VLP-01
        Corner Cleats     Straight Joiners    Joining Hook   Joining Brace    Frame Lock        Post Moulding
        with grub screws  with grub screws  with grub screws  with grub screws

                                                                                                                               Need some help
                                                                                                                               on which media                Display Polyester         Foam PVC                  Pop-up PVC
                                                                                                                               to choose?                    Fabric                    Rigid                     Rollable

                                                                                                                                                             A textile fabric material   A strong, rigid material,   Pop-up PVC is an adaptable,
                                                                                                                                                             that’s easy to transport,   made-to-measure and easy   non-transparent and hard-
                                                                A range of accompanying                                        Here’s a quick overview on    machine washable and      to hang using magnetic tape   wearing media which holds
                                                                                                                               media types we recommend      compact. High-quality print   or hook and loop. Mounting   it shape extremely well and
                                                                  Vector Lite components                                                                     is achieved through a dye-  on foam-board will give you   offers great results for direct
                                                                                                                               for your Vector Lite stand.
        VLP-1000                  VLSB-408                        will help you to create                                      If you’re still not sure, get in   sublimated process.  excellent dimensional stability   print. For extra resistance and
        VLP-1500                  VLSB-908                                                                                     contact with our experts.                               and as it is durable it can be   a high-quality print-finish, it
        Frame Post                VLSB-1408                          endlessly different                                                                                               used several times.       can also be laminated.
                                  Support Brace

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